Peachtree Palisades Pershing Park Plaza Two Liberty Square
Burlington Woods Springs Landing Highwood
Coral Creek Burrage Mansion Towngate IV
Porter 156 Sharon Hills Ashley Center
Oakton III Long Wharf

ELV Associates, Inc. is a privately held real estate investment and management firm established in 1991 to represent high net-worth investors in connection with direct investments in United States commercial properties. Our firm has established high quality property portfolios in three major U.S. markets—Boston, Massachusetts, Washington D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia—offering investors geographic and product diversification and exceptional returns through income and appreciation common to real estate investments. To date, we have completed acquisition and development transactions representing nearly $500 million in market value.

Fundamental to all of our investments is property of high intrinsic value where inefficiencies are exploited and value is enhanced through our hands-on team local to each asset.